Infrared Jade Sauna

Detox, relax muscles, burn calories

These are all things we want!

We can get it here with this amazing Infrared sauna!

The healing effects of infrared and jade stones will help with weight loss by burning up to 600 calories in a single 30 minute session. Also for those with cellulite (lymphatic) problems, this sauna offers a revolutionary treatment when it comes to long-term reduction of cellulite.



VIVO Infrared Jade Sauna is a perfect non-surgical solution for unwanted fat, cellulite and loose, aging skin. This new, holistic approach to wellness also helps with detoxification, pain relief and calorie burning.



Infrared Jade Sauna is the perfect solution to resolve these common, everyday ailments. It uses a combination of infrared light with the time-tested healing effects of jade stones inside a comfortable, self-contained sauna capsule. In just a few treatments, you will alleviate anxiety, sharpen mental alertness and decrease stress, which all contribute to a proper anti-aging regimen. The healing effects of jade stones, which lay across the bed providing comfort and relaxation, offer tremendous healing and balancing effects when paired with the infrared lights.


     Make sure to bring light gym clothes or a swimming suit to wear in the Sauna and a change of clothes to wear after. We will provide a water and towels for you.




Single Session:

30 min:                                    $20

45 min.                                    $30

60 min:                                    $40