Why is our custom spray tan better? What do you expect from a quality spray tan? Natural color, paraben free, longer lasting, no streaks, clean hands and feet, nice smell. We provide these things most others don't. We also, ensure that you leave with the best looking and cleanest spray tan. If there is an incident after you leave we will touch up your spray tan for Free.


We use a Tan Solution specifically formulated to allow you to enjoy the richest natural color possible. Using only the finest ingredients. And there are multiple color options 



Customized Airbrush Tanning

 (spray tan, by a person) 




Single Spray: $40


Student / Military  Discount (with id): $25

Pre-treatment instructions:


Airbrush Tanning

Prep & Post Care



  Before coming in for your Airbrush Tan, be sure to shave, shower and exfoliate at least 1 day before.

This allows the pores time to close. Dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to.


Do not wear any lotions, makeup, deodorants, or perfumes prior to your visit.                  This allows for the solution to have the greatest impact with natural skin, and not repel any solution.

If waxing or getting a manicure or pedicure, make sure to do this at least 1-2 days before scheduled Airbrush Tan.

We recommend wearing flip flops/sandals and loose dark clothing to wear home after your Airbrush Tan appointment, (No jeans or tight tops).


After Tanning:

Do not have any activities planned after your tanning session that would cause you to perspire or get wet in any way. Do not go swimming or be exposed to rain as this will cause the tanning solution to run and look uneven when the activation takes place.

Wait at least 4-6 hours for full development for solution


After 6 hours , Shower lightly in cold – luke warm water for 30 seconds ONLY

Tan will develop after shower. Use plain water, don’t use shower gels, scrubs, shampoos or loofa during the first 24 hours after your treatment.


The tanning bronzer may rub off on your clothes or your bed sheets.

However, it is water-soluble and will come out when washing.


Remember to moisturize twice a day and avoid harsh exfoliants. Moisturizing is the key to maintaining a nice skin surface for the tan.

When following the proper post care your Airbrush Tan should last anywhere from 8-10 days!


We also have and highly recommend tan extending lotions and sprays to give a boost and optimize the duration of your spray!