Clear, Smooth, Firm, Hydrated, Glowing Skin

These are all things that

you should get in a Facial right?

Here you will get all those things and more!

Pampered & Relaxed  



Essential Facial:                                             $55

(Includes: cleanse, exfoliation, steam, massage, mask, and moisturizer)

Anti-aging Facial:                                        $75

(60 min.)

Acne Facial:                                                  $75


Rejuvenating Facial:                              $95

(90 min.)


Optional Add On’s:                                         $10 each

-Lip Treatment

-Eye Treatment

-Enzyme Peel

-Extreme Hydration

-Essential foot soak 



Essential Back Facial:                                      $55

With the use of an essential skincare line.This treatment is identical to a facial except it is for your back.






Lip                                         $10

Chin                                       $15

Brow                                      $15

Under arm                            $25

Arms                                      $30

Chest or back                        $60

Low leg                                  $45

Full leg                                   $65

Bikini                                     $35